Q:What is the unique features of E-PAPER DISPLAY(EPD)?
Q:How does the E-PAPER DISPLAY(EPD) show the colorful artwork?
Q:What is the structure of E-PAPER DISPLAY(EPD)?
Q:What is the technology of E-PAPER DISPLAY(EPD)?
Q:What is the size for E-PAPER DISPLAY(EPD)
Q:How to make an inquiry of E-PAPER DISPLAY(EPD)?
Q:How to place the sample order?
Q: How about the sample delivery time
Q:How to place the mass production order
Q:How about the lead time for mass production?
Q:bebefits of Epaper Display
Q:life time of Epaper Display battery
Q:battery box
Q:EPD operation condition
Q:How about the format of EPD overlay artwork?
Q:What would be provided to get a detailed quotation?
Q:How about the border size leave to activate the Epaper Display
Q:How about the thickness of EPD backplane?
Q:Can EPD be bentable?
Q:How about Epaper Display setting fees?
Q:Does the quotation of Epaper Display include cost of battery?
Q:What is replaceable Epaper Display
Q:Can client print the replaceable project overlay by themselves?
Q:How about the cost of Epaper Display sample making?
Q:How about the packing process of Epaper Display?
Q:How about the brightness/contrast of Epaper Display?
Q:How about the shelf life of Epaper Display?
Q:Is there any public epaper display sample kit available in PERTIE?


What is Inserting Epaper Display?
Key words: 
Mounting into one item
working as a part of the item

Paper thin is not just an advertising word for electronic paper. 

Because of this unique feature, epaper display can be inserted in Magazine, Menu, display box, packing bag and any other special thin items. This inserting epaper display looks like a comprehensive part of the item. 

Take a look of the following projects:

Shanghai Expo2010 invitation-Italy pavilion

Esquire- 75 anniversary edition

Cafe menu

Camel brand cigarette box

One more point, do not worry about its shelf life. For the epaper display is with ultra low power consumption. All the inserting projects showed above can keep displaying for more than one year without stop.

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